Tax Refund Day

Tax Refunds: DON’T MISS YOURS – April 18th is last day to claim

According to the most recent announcement by the IRS, there is approximately $950 million in Federal Income Tax refund money waiting to be claimed by an estimated one million taxpayers who haven’t filed their 2012 federal income tax returns. In order to collect the refund, these taxpayers MUST file their 2012 tax returns with the IRS no later than 04/18/16.

This is not a cumulative number, this for 2012 alone!

tax refund_1

For those who didn’t earn much money, there are several tax credits for which you might be eligible, depending upon your situation which could lead to a tax refund. This includes students, low to moderate income workers, and business start-ups, some of whom could be looking at a tax credit of up to $5,891. St. Louis, Missouri filers take note; there are almost $20 million in Tax Refund moneys available in Missouri, for over 22,000 non-filers in 2012.

But the clock is ticking – Don’t leave your refund unclaimed. We can help with your tax filing so let’s do it now before your time runs out.


The Volpe Consulting & Accounting Team

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