Hi Everyone!

We wanted to check in with you and see how you are doing with implementing the ideas that we have been sharing!  If you are struggling to take these ideas and put them into action, we may have a solution for you!

There will be classes offered this summer to provide all those technology tricks and tips in addition to necessary guidance on how to mange your business financials using QuickBooks Online. There are 2 options to take our classes- 1st, to meet us in person and 2nd, through our set up virtual meeting - one more technology to easily connect all of us together. 

In class you will be picking our brains and listening to us present on how, and I mean specifically how, to integrate these ideas into your work flow! If you are interested in learning more about these classes, email us at staff@volpeconsulting-accounting.com

Stay tuned and keep working smarter with technology!  As always, if there is a problem and you would like to see if we can find a technology solution that will save you time (and money) just let us know!

Meet you soon!

Chelsea Auton

The Volpe Consulting & Accounting Team

Email or Call us at 314-300-4699 to schedule time or find out more details

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