Why All St. Louis Businesses Need a “Lighthouse”

Accounting blog: Why All St. Louis Businesses Need a “Lighthouse”

Business BootKamp (TM), Having a “Lighthouse”

First of all, we are very sorry for a little delay in posting this week BootKamp™. We spent close to 10 hours in the hot sun at almost 100 degrees at Missouri Bluffs Golf Course, working the booth on the 4th tee for our hole sponsorship with 2016 Maryland Heights Annual Golf Tournament. We were all pretty exhausted but haven’t forgotten that our audiences are still waiting for week 2 BootKamp™ here. Here we go!

Where are you going and what is your plan to get there? Do you have a guiding concept or are you just flying by the seat of your plans and meandering a little more than you would like to admit? Well, lets talk about how to solve this problem and create a unified culture, strategy and brand for your company [believe it or not, I have one small solution for all of these]! Big businesses have steering committees, develop strategic plans and budgets, but when you are a small business and you can barely make time to do your annual taxes, how do you create the road map for your company!?

Even the smallest business in St. Louis needs a mantra.

Start with a small phrase that inspires you and embodies your dreams for the company. In other words, develop a mantra for your business, and then share it with friends, family, employees, vendors, partners, and even customers or clients!

This mantra can be used to inspire the culture of the company. Navy Seals use the mantra “Embrace the Suck” during some of their most rigorous training. This gives them the resolve to persevere through their most demanding training. It communicates that not everything in life that is good and worth doing is easy; in fact, most things that are good and worth doing are incredibly difficult. Sometimes acknowledging this difficulty is the best way just get through it because the company or us as individuals will be better for it in the end!Lighthouse

Simply sharing your mantra will guide your company’s culture and inspire those working with and for you to greater heights. It is a unified battle cry, that you and your loyal employees and customers can utter to express and renew their devotion to the company. A well developed mantra will act as a “LightHouse” to your company: always there to guide you, even in your darkest hour…

So, what are you waiting for “Just do it!” ~Nike  Oh, and do me a favor, post your business mantra in the comments section!

Carpe diem!

Chelsea Auton

The Volpe Consulting & Accounting Team

P.S: Tune in next week for a bonus post on how to create a business mantra!

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