Accuracy for Your Small St. Louis Business Matters

I would like to share one of the best articles I have found published on It was written by Jeffrey Hayzlett, an Entrepreneur Blog Contributor, Prime Time TV and Radio Show Host, Author, and Speaker. This is what he wrote about his successful tips of running businesses that business owners should consider;

4 Tools Entrepreneurs Can Use to Increase Productivity

  1. Use your eyes and ears
  2. Use your brain
  3. Keep track of your leads
  4. Accuracy MattersAvoid fuzzy math

       Starting your own business requires meticulous bookkeeping skills to ensure the financial health of your business. You have enough problems popping up every day, and accounting shouldn’t be one of them. As an entrepreneur, you have to come up with systematic ways to divide your time equally for all the important things your business requires.

      Therefore, you need to get organized — not just during tax season, but all the time. Establish a series of checklists: daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your business needs, and don’t let them accumulate over time. Come tax season, you’ll thank your superb bookkeeping skills.

      Take your books to the cloud. Staying organized with cloud software increases accuracy and efficiency. It also makes your information available at all times and on your smartphone. Automating key tasks like repeat invoicing and credit control will allow your to spend more time growing your business and making money.

      Last, but definitely not least, invest in an accountant. This should be one of your top priorities when owning a business. They will not only help you with basic accounting tasks but help you plot the direction of your business, not to mention ensure its financial growth.

The reason I mention Hayzlett’s article is because according to his post, he believes that to have a successful small business there are many things that the business owner has to accomplish. And establishing a good accounting system is one of the key areas that will create a strong foundation for your business growth, resulting in its long term success. We at Volpe Consulting and Accounting share that belief. Your business needs to be built on a solid foundation and since everything financial relates back to your books,  ” ACCURACY MATTERS “.

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